Squeaky 2.0 - Our much loved brush cleaner has had a facelift!

Squeaky 2.0 - Our much loved brush cleaner has had a facelift!

How to determine your skin type? Reading Squeaky 2.0 - Our much loved brush cleaner has had a facelift! 5 minutes Next Face Mist or Setting Spray? All your Questions Answered!

Our much loved Squeaky Clean Brush Cleanser has had a facelift

From Dirty Makeup Brushes to Spray – Swipe – Clean in minute

What’s new;

  • Increased % of active ingredients for the freshest, cleanest brushes in an instant.
  • Aloe Vera to condition and maintain your much loved brushes.
  • Certified cosmetic grade IPA – ensuring your using the best for your brushes & your skin.

Squeaky Clean Make Up Brush Cleanser has been revolutionising the way we clean our make up brushes in Ireland since 2017 – we have taken the best qualities from squeaky 1.0 and added in some extra elements that are even better for your skin and brushes with faster results. We loved our original formula but like all fabulous products sometimes we can do with a little re fresh and we at Ella & Jo HQ are not ones to sit on our laurels – without compromising any of our old Squeaky results, scent or features we have added in some amazing new benefits.

Did you know your dirty makeup brush has more bacteria than your toilet seat?

Yes, its true. Have you ever got a pesky random breakout or find that your skin is constantly congested no matter how much skincare you buy? A lot of people blame their skin type, lifestyle, using incorrect skincare products etc but have you ever stopped to think that maybe it could be your makeup brushes to blame?

60% of women say that they have never cleaned their makeup brushes or their makeup bag. 39% of women have admitted to cleaning their brushes but not with an anti-bacterial agent. A study at Loyola Marymount University found that after one month, uncleaned makeup brushes held more bacteria than researchers were even able to measure.

A recent Petri Dish experiment among Junior Cert Students as shown in the attached photos showed the bacteria in a foundation brush after one use that hadnt been used in one week as opposed to the same brush being cleaned directly after use with Ella & Jo Squeaky clean brush cleanser.

Whilst the bacteria that grows and lives on your own skin isn’t the most harmful out there, the reality of it all is that if you are constantly putting dirty brushes on your face every day over long periods of time it’s kind of gross.

Here are some of my main reasons that you should be cleaning your makeup brushes on a regular basis.

1. Damaged Brushes

You have more than likely spent a pretty penny over the years on your makeup brushes and good quality ones don’t come cheap. Makeup brush cleansers like the Squeaky Clean Brush Cleanser will shampoo and condition your brushes to ensure the fibres don’t break or weaken causing a harsher feeling to the brush and causing the brush to fall apart or lose its shape.

2. Irritation to the Skin

The eventual damage caused to your brushes can start to harden the bristles and change their form. Without the original soft texture of your brushes, continued use of these tools could cause some redness and irritation to your skin which is only a nuisance and can easily be avoided.

3. Clogged Pores & Blemishes

Consistently using dirty makeup brushes and putting them back into your products is a vicious bacteria filled cycle. If you’ve noticed an increase in blemishes or if those pesky clogged pores/blackheads are going no-where, it could be because your brushes aren’t being cleaned often enough.

4. Infections

One of the many causes of conjunctivitis, coldsores is sharing beauty products. You can never be certain how clean someone else’s liner or lip brush is, if you always have Squeaky Clean Brush Cleanser to hand you can be sure the brushes will be anti-bacterialised, so no pink eye for you! Would you be comfortable with a makeup artist doing your makeup with a dirty brush? I hope not! So always think the same way about yourself. E.coli and Staphylococcus as well as various fungi can be contracted by dirty makeup brushes. Did you read the horrific story about the girl who contracted Staph Infection almost leaving her paralysed from sharing makeup brushes? Read Here

5. Flawless Makeup

Ok so maybe you’re not scared of a little viral infection, but maybe the fact that it will affect the performance of your tools and makeup application will be enough to convince you. We all know the struggles already to blend eyeshadows or to get a Kardashian worthy contour, dirty makeup brushes will cause makeup to look mucky, cakey, streaky and your eyeshadow colours to all blend into one. If you are the type of person that has only one brush, that’s ok, using squeaky clean brush cleanser will have it dry and ready for re-use within minutes of spritzing.

So ok, don’t have a meltdown just yet, but seriously, if you are one of the 60% of people that have never cleaned your makeup brushes PLEASE take our advice and start now!

Squeaky clean brush cleanser was designed to clean your brushes quickly because the reality is we have busy lives and brush cleansing just isn’t a top priority, but hopefully that’s all about to change.