Where we are right now - Sustainability is something that we are very conscious of at Ella & Jo Cosmetics.

As a new start up we endeavor to create incredible products for our customers that deliver results but also make a positive impact on your life and on the planets. We are mums first and foremost and we want to do our bit to contribute to a healthier and happier planet for generations to come for our families and yours.

We combine natural ingredients with active ingredients to give you results driven skincare with a natural base. Our brand is vegan & cruelty free and we are very conscious of where our premium sourced ingredients come from.

We endeavor to reuse, upcycle & re-purpose our packaging & make everything we can recyclable using reusable aluminum and glass in the majority of our range. We have lots of tips and tricks on our social media on how you can re- use your aluminum packaging.

● All of our products and ingredients are certified vegan and cruelty-free.
● All of our products are made in Ireland
● Our outer boxes and inserts for shipping are all 100% recyclable and made from paper base cardboard/paper
● 100% of our products are packaged in glass and aluminum that is recyclable

Where we want to be - Sustainability is something the cosmetics industry as a whole is working really hard on. As a start up we are not where we want to be just yet. From packaging to source ingredients demand sometimes out ways supply but this is always changing as the industry moves as much as it can as quickly as it can to a completely sustainable solution. We are always looking for better and more creative solutions to ensure that our impact and footprint on the planet is as positive as we are. We are working with a number of our suppliers to drive change. Getting to the point where we are fully sustainable is a process but one we are working on.


As we move along our journey towards optimal sustainability, we’ll keep you fully updated across our social channels and our website. And of course, we’re here to answer any questions you may have.