Autumn Care for Skin - Skincare routine tips from Niamh Ryan

Autumn Care for Skin - Skincare routine tips from Niamh Ryan

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Top care for skin advice for you this Autumn by Niamh Ryan Co-Creator of Irish Skincare Brand - Ella & Jo Cosmetics


The changes that might occur in your skin due to exterior factors heating - the skin gets more dehydrated as we move from dry air to cool air & into artificial heating situations - the moisture is taken from the air and as a result, your skin feels tighter, looks more crepe and tight. It can also get irritated and start highlighting fine lines and wrinkles. Put a bowl of water in your room near the heater to put some moisture back into the air. Some of the best skincare products for dry and tight skin will include Hyaluronic acid to help boost skin hydration. Add some extra hydrating products to your routine. Our 3in1 Skin Mist often throughout the day & wear your SPF to help seal the moisture you do have in your skin.

    • What we should be doing to help our skin in the colder months - get back into a routine if you have been off track for the busy summer start back to basics again - you can also add some oil-based products into your routine - think hydration and conditioning. One of the best skincare products for this would be a cleansing balm to add hydration. You might also want to introduce a night cream or a facial oil at night to give your skin some extra TLC.

      • The transition between Summer and Autumn care for skin - at this time of the year I would always review my skincare and see what I need to change up for the autumn. I would add some extra hydrating products like our Hydrating Hyaluronic Serum into my routine and even double my application some days. I introduced a Hydrating mask 2-3 times a week, Add a night cream or oil into my routine and exfoliate more often with a chemical exfoliator.


      We hope you enjoyed it, stay tuned for more helpful tips!

      Niamh Ryan x