Our New Wide Awake - Hydrating Eye Gel

Our New Wide Awake - Hydrating Eye Gel

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

- and define our description from a young age. We know as we age it is an area so many of us are conscious about maintaining.  So we are so excited to launch our newest skin hero - Wide Awake Eye Gel.

Multifunctional SkincareWe love skin and simplicity at Ella & Jo so we always work to make your skin routine as simple as possible - multifunctional products that do lots of jobs, include hard working ingredients and most importantly take the guesswork out of your routine am & pm.

Our Hydrating Serum, Day Cream & Night Creams are super functional skincare and can be used around the eye area.
However we have definitely received feedback over the years from our customers online & in-person who are conscious with their eye area;
  • Dark circles
  • Puffiness
  • Lines and Wrinkles (I will not call them crows feet)
  • Loss of elastin and collagen
  • Heavier/drooping lids
Because the eye area is much thinner than the rest of the skin sometimes it needs a little more TLC.
That's where our Wide Awake Eye Gel comes in. It is a luxury but lightweight gel formula designed to work on Hydrating, Firming, Brightening & Smoothing the eye area.

Your Eye Area's New Best Friend

And it contains....drumroll please - A stunning blend of hyaluronic acids that will hydrate and plump the eye area as well as increasing elasticity.
Eyebright & Caffeine blend to brighten dark circles, de-puff, boost circulation and reduce inflammation.
Wonder ingredient Squalane - A peptide rich ingredient that will strengthen the skin barrier around the eye area and prevent water loss for maximum moisture as well as incredible Ceramides who's main job is to retain skin moisture and good fats to smooth the skin around the eye area.
With such an array of ingredients we created an eye gel rather than a cream to quickly absorb, hold these amazing ingredients and sit beautifully under make up.
It works on two timelines; instant and longer term - rebuilding consistency, smoothing out the under eye area, plumping out fine lines and wrinkles, and helping with tone & elasticity in the upper eye area.

How To Use Wide Awake Eye Gel

There is no set timeline as to when you should start using an eye cream or gel. Every skin is different. But the industry would suggest at around 25.
For us it's when your eye area starts to bother you; whether it is dark circles, fine lines or drooping lids.
You should use your eye gel twice a day - before any moisturisers so we would cleanse, spritz our mist & then apply our eye gel.
One pump will do both eye areas and apply using your ring finger in a tapping motion from the tear duct out and then apply on the upper lid if needed.