Declutter with Ella & Jo Cosmetics

Declutter with Ella & Jo Cosmetics

We Declutter our cupboards, our wardrobes, etc but lets not forget our cosmetics too!!

Charlene Flanagan & Niamh Ryan are both busy mums and also are creators of Irish cosmetics brand Ella & Jo Cosmetics. They understand true importance of decluttering and recommend doing a spring clean every 6-12 months, it not only will help keep your routine organised, your skin and brushes healthier, but you will more than likely start to use different products you forgot you had which feels like you have a new makeup bag.

  1. Beauty Bootcamp

Start by sorting your makeup into piles. E.G lipsticks, palettes, pencils, samples etc. Once you see where everything is its easier to get rid of unwanted items and you are one step closer to decluttering your makeup stash.

  1. Keep, Throw, Maybe

Now that you have organised the piles arrange them into Keep,Throw, Maybe piles.

Take into consideration that every product has an after open shelf life. Can you remember when you bought each product? Check the packaging for the symbol shown which will tell you the products specific shelf life after opening. Did you know you should replace your mascara every three months!? Taking note of expiry dates will avoid nasty infections, breakouts, cracked lips etc. Be strong, be brutal. Top tip If you’re really struggling with this task book in a private one to one with a makeup artist who will guide you on what does and doesn't suit you.

  1. Separate your makeup bags

Separating your makeup bags into your everyday essential products and your going out/occasion wear products will not only simplify your routine but it will make getting out the door in the morning so much quicker. Top Tip: Buy yourself clear makeup bags so you can easily see where everything is and also they can be easily wiped clean.

  1. Keep your brushes squeaky clean

Your makeup brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria. It could be the cause of bumpy skin, blemish/acne prone skin, infections etc. Not only will you find your skin improved but your makeup will apply so much better and your brushes will last so much longer! Its true that we only think to clean our makeup brushes when we go to use them which is why our Ella & Jo squeaky clean brush cleanser is ideal!! Its an anti bacterial spot cleaner with only three ingredients, no harsh chemicals, which will clean, sanitise, condition and dry your brushes in minutes and no need for water!

  1. Reward yourself for Spring cleaning

Your reward of course is a little well deserved treat. Repurchase any products that have passed the expiry date/shelf life & treat yourself to some organising accessories for e.g Clutterboxes, Drawer Separators, Lipstick Holders, Makeup Brush Holders. Do this after you have organised your stash so you know exactly what you need when it’s all organised.

Happy decluttering!

Charlene & Niamh x