Charlene's Favourite Makeup Brushes

Charlene's Favourite Makeup Brushes

Ella & Jo Cosmetics is delighted to announce their UK launch in partnership with their new Beauty  Ambassador, TV presenter Cat Deeley. 

A real beauty enthusiast, Cat is excited to share her skincare secrets and daily beauty routine with her  must have Ella & Jo products, for healthy and glowing skin. 

Speaking on the partnership Cat says, “I loved the products as soon as I tried them and now Ella & Jo is my best shared secret! I’m a real beauty enthusiast and am excited to be working with a new and  emerging brand with the same ethos and values that I hold. I have always been interested in looking after  my skin and I am very particular about the skincare I use. Confidence for me really does start with my skin  and how I look is related to how I feel. What I love about Ella & Jo products is that my skincare routine is  so quick and easy, every day. The fact I feel better after using the products means I have more inner  confidence, which shines on the outside too. I can’t wait for you to try the products!” 

As a makeup artist, makeup brushes are my tools, it ensures a high standard quality of work, gives my clients a positive and relaxing experience and helps me to achieve specific makeup looks quickly and at ease.

Over the years I have tried and tested many makeup brushes and brands and have narrowed it down to my favourites for you.

Here are some of my favourite makeup brush brands.

Each brush will have a purpose, but some brushes can be multi purpose. You do not need that 100 piece set from Amazon, 7-12 brushes for non professionals is a good standard set, for makeup artists the amount is unlimited as you will need brushes for maximum number of clients per day, different makeup looks etc.

Foundation Brushes

  • Blank Canvas Cosmetics F20, F41 & F38 Brushes
  • Click & Makeup Michaela Brush
  • Buff & Blend BB03 brush

Concealer Brushes

  • Blank Canvas Cosmetics F40, F11
  • Buff & Blend BB24
  • Inglot 6SS
  • Rebeluna Cosmetics R08

Powder Brushes

  • Blank Canvas Cosmetics F24
  • Buff & Blend BB01
  • Rebeluna Cosmetics R01

Powder Contour/Bronzer Brushes

  • Blank Canvas Cosmetics F15
  • Click n Makeup 003
  • Buff & Blend BB09
  • Rebeluna Cosmetics R04 & R05

Cream Contour Brushes

  • Blank Canvas Cosmetics F40 OR F36

Blusher Brushes

  • Blank Canvas Cosmetics F14 & F04
  • Buff & Blend BB09

Eyeshadow Blending Brushes


  • Inglot 6SS
  • Blank Canvas Cosmetics E20
  • Buff & Blend BB24
  • Rebeluna Cosmetics R20


  • Blank Canvas Cosmetics E25 & E26
  • Zoeva 227


  • Blank Canvas Cosmetics E10
  • Buff & Blend BB12
  • Rebeluna Cosmetics R21

Flat Shader Eyeshadow Brushes

  • Blank Canvas Cosmetics E08 & E24
  • Rebeluna Cosmetics R22

Glitter Pigment Brushes

  • Blank Canvas Cosmetics E27

Eyeliner Brushes

  • Blank Canvas Cosmetics E28
  • Buff & Blend BB10
  • Rebeluna Cosmetics R12
  • Inglot 31T

Eyebrow or Powder Liner Brushes

  • Blank Canvas Cosmetics E44 & E38
  • Buff & Blend BB10 or BB20
  • Rebeluna Cosmetics R12
  • Inglot 31T

Lipstick Brushes

  • Blank Canvas Cosmetics L29
  • Rebeluna Cosmetics R30