Acne Awareness Month: Top Tips and Treatments for Clearer Skin

Acne Awareness Month: Top Tips and Treatments for Clearer Skin

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Acne Awareness Month: Top Tips and Treatments for Clearer Skin (H1)

June is acne awareness month and I couldn't let the month go by without talking about it & speaking to those who are suffering from this common skin condition that is acne 

Acne symptoms such as acne breakouts, acne scars, inflammation, and congested skin can really undermine your confidence. Some people happily live a make-up-free life with breakouts and others are crippled with uncertainty and confidence issues as a result of severe acne. Leaving them to wish for clearer healthier skin.


From Teenage Acne Prone Skin to Adult Breakouts (H2)

Grading from one to four,  acne can be as simple as a few acne breakouts on the chin that happen hormonally or Grade 4 pustular or cystic acne that causes untold pain and irritation on a daily basis, leaving the skin with acne scarring and skin texture. 

I have suffered from acne-prone skin since I was 14. Hormonal changes cause acne breakouts twice a month during ovulation and premenstrual and is flared by food and alcohol. I have spent thousands of hours and euros trying to find the right treatment options and even as an "expert" in skin - my skin still flares when it is triggered causing adult acne. It is a constant battle of the breakouts! This is why I started this skin journey as a professional owning my own skin clinic for 12 years helping clients from age 12+ to simplify skin care routines and daily steps. Helping them to understand their skin type, their acne symptoms, and their skin reactions is part of the reason Ella & Jo was created. We make skincare products for every skin type, that can be used by even the most reactive oily skin (caveat all skin is individual and can react to any ingredient at any time). 

As a customer who wants anti-aging results but also suffers from active acne, it can feel that nothing was made for our skin type. We want to focus on reducing sebum production - balancing this in the skin, hydrating the skin to help balance the sebum, and gentle exfoliation (oiler skin tends to have a slower exfoliation rate) while also getting results for whatever the client's skin goals are. Whether it be clear skin or healthier skin, understanding acne and managing acne is key to achieving your goal. 


Its time to say Bye Bye Blemishes (H2)

If you or someone you know suffers from acne-prone skin including breakouts, inflammation, acne scars, acne lesions, or skin texture my first step is to seek cosmetic dermatology, which could be in person with a skin therapist, in a pharmacy, or online. Getting into the habit of having a good skincare routine every morning and night 

  1. Cleanse  (H3) 

You must use a cleanser for your skin type - a gentle exfoliating cleanser to remove the dead skin cells like our Brighten and Glow Hydrating Exfoliating Cleanser or our Melt the Day Away Cleansing Balm 

  1. Treat (H3)

Use hydrating products such as our water-based Hydrating Hyaluronic Serum suitable for oily skin morning and night - the niacinamide will calm inflammation and irritation. The hyaluronic acid will hydrate without causing oiliness which is essential in balancing out sebum & Clear Skin Clarifying Liquid containing Salicylic acid, Lactic Acid, and Witchhazel on the affected areas morning and night 

  1. Moisturise (H3) 

Use a suitable moisturizer for your skin type in the morning and night. Our Nourish and Glow is a super product for acne breakouts even though it's an oil it has retinol which is brilliant for breakouts and repairing the skin barrier. Ingredients such as vitamin C and chemical sunscreens (watch for this in foundations and makeup bases) can irritate breakouts. Other super treatments for flares and breakouts include Blue LED, microneedling for scarring, and some professional peels. 

Finding the right acne treatment can be difficult to achieve. When it comes to product use try slowly and change slowly - patch test, observe, and change one product at a time so you can identify what works for you. Those with oily skin sometimes fail to hydrate the skin enough leaving the skin to panic and overproduce sebum making breakouts worse. Monitor food - sugar, some spicy foods, dairy, and gluten or alcohol - hormones so you can track what product is working and what external factors affect it. I always say the skin is your greatest feedback system. 

With the continuous hormonal changes in our system from teenage, to the pill, perimenopause, and menopause causing huge changes to the skin - the first step is understanding acne and observing your skin then reaching out for your acne treatment.

Don't suffer in silence the answer to clearer healthier skin is out there!