Squeaky Meets Soap Bundle
blank canvas brush soap

Squeaky Meets Soap Bundle

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Squeaky Meets Soap Bundle

We have combined the ultimate makeup brush cleaner bundle by combining the Squeaky Clean Brush Cleanser & the Blank Canvas Solid Brush and  Sponge Soap.

The Brush  Cleanser and Sponge will leave your brushes and sponges like new! These products will clean, disinfect and condition the brush fibers on both natural hair and synthetic brushes so that brushes will last longer. Brush hygiene is extremely important for maintaining healthy skin. If you are prone to congestion, breakouts or acne, you should be cleaning your brushes after every use to avoid spreading bacteria.


Squeaky Meets Soap Bundle Includes: 

Ella & Jo – Squeaky Clean Brush Cleanser x 1

Spray 2-3 times directly at brush hairs, wipe clean using disposable material or a clean dry towel, leave to dry for 2 mins & viola your brush is ready to re-use. For denser foundation brushes a second application may be needed. Please wait until brush is fully dry before re-use.

Ingredients: Isopropyl Alcohol (70%), Aqua, Citrus Aurantium Duclis (Orange) Peel Oil. Size: 200ml

Blank Canvas Cosmetics – Solid Brush & Sponge Soap. x 1

What it is: 
The Brush and Sponge Solid Soap leaves your brushes and sponges like new!

Moisten the soap with a little water and swirl the brush fibres (brush head only) around in the soap to form a lather. Rinse your brush in lukewarm water, ensuring that all soap residue is gone and the metal ferrule and handle do not get wet. Reshape your brush and lay out to dry.

Ingredients: Cocos Nucifera Oil, Aqua, Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide, Parfum, Citric Acid. Allergens: Citronellol

Cleaning your Brushes - Using Squeaky Clean Brush Cleanser & Blank Canvas Soap

1 review for Squeaky Meets Soap Bundle

  1. adoran405 (verified owner)

    Where has this set been all my life?! This makes cleaning my brushes so easy and smells great. I definitely haven’t been cleaning my brushes as much as I should but I know that’s all about to change with this. The antibacterial element is also a big plus for my skin

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