2020- In the Media

2020- In the Media

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De-Clutter, Categorise, Clean.
Check out No. 4 Squeaky Clean Brush Cleanser

Squeaky Clean Brush Cleanser keeping your makeup brushes pristine while on the go has never been easier with the Squeaky Clean Brush Cleanser. With a zest of Orange Peel Oil your brushes will smell and feel cleaner than ever!

3 Female-Owned Irish Beauty Brands You Need To Check Out

The Irish beauty industry has grown enormously in the last few years. There are now so many amazing

homegrown beauty brands to choose from. Here are 5 female-owned Irish beauty brands we’re loving at the moment.

Check out Beaut.ie featuring Ella & JO Cosmetics

Ella & Jo Featured in Best of Beauty in April -VIP Magazine

Ella & JO Squeaky Brush Cleanser won a Best Beauty Buy Award on HiStyle

Best Beauty Buys Make Up –

Rte.ie – RTE guide featuring the Ella & Jo serum

What a beauty! Confetti share our new ‘Hydrating Hyaluronic Serum’

alongside Interview with co-creator Charlene Flanagan.

Irish Wedding Diary this morning featuring the Ella & Jo Serum